Back row standing:  Turtlekeeper Designs, Tumbleberry, Bamboletta, Bamboletta, Moonchild Dolls, Bamboletta, Bamboletta, Tumbleberry, Bamboletta
Front row: Bamboletta, Bamboletta, Moonchild Doll, Darby Doll, Carocreated, Little Jenny Wren, Darby Doll, Dragonflys Hollow, Pookidoll, Lemon Drop Doll

The whole thing began late in 2009 when i discovered the world of Waldorf dolls.  I bought dolls and decided they needed some wooly accessories.  So I knitted and crocheted for them.  Then I started making dolls.  It was a fun and creative ride but the doll making has tapered off and now I have settled into making wooly creatures and doll accessories.  I also work outside of the home and am mom to two super busy gals.

I'm always open to comments and suggestions so please drop by and leave me a comment or two.  It will be great to hear from you!

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