Saturday, February 14, 2015

The DOG: Chinese Zodiac Animals #11

Happy Valentine's Day!

Those born under the zodiac sign of Dog are respectful, helpful and sincere.  You can count on a Dog- they will never let you down.  They are good at keeping secrets!  Dogs tend to be humanitarians; they care more about people than money, power or success.  Unfortunately, they tend to get stressed out easily and are often anxious, restless, and worried. 
Please visit the main pattern page first for more tips and important information.  With worsted yarn and size A hook, the dog will be approximately 7 inches in circumference.

You will need:

light brown and dark brown yarn in worsted weight
stuffing (polyfill or wool)
safety eyes
optional: a large safety eye to use as a nose or you can purchase a safety nose
crochet hook (size A recommended but any hook up to size G will work)
tapestry needle


Ch = chain
INC = 2 sc into one stitch
#INC = do # increases in a row
DEC = invisible decrease turns the next 2 sts into one st
# or sc# = separate sc stitches (no increasing or decreasing) 

Begin here

R1  With medium brown, magic circle with 6 stitches into the loop.
R2  INC around. (12)
R3  (1, INC) around (18)
R4  1, INC, 2, INC, 3, INC, 2, INC, 3, INC, 2 (23)
R5  INC, 4, INC, 3, INC, 4, INC, 3, INC, 4 (28)
R6  3, INC, 6, INC, 6, INC, 6, INC, 3 (32)
R7  5, INC, 9, INC, 9, INC, 6 (35)
R8  3, INC, 10, INC, 11, INC, 8 (38)
R9  12, INC, 25 (39)
R10  INC, 38 (40)
R11  sc around        (INSERT EYES NOW BETWEEN R6/7, nine sts apart)
R12  38, DEC (39)
R13  25, DEC, 12 (38)
R14  8, DEC, 11, DEC, 10, DEC, 3 (35)
R15  6, DEC, 9, DEC, 9, DEC, 5 (32)
R16  3, DEC, 6, DEC, 6, DEC, 6, DEC, 3 (28)        (FILL WITH STUFFING)
R17  4, DEC, 3, DEC, 4, DEC, 3, DEC, 4, DEC (23)
R18  2, DEC, 3, DEC, 2, DEC, 3, DEC, 2, DEC, 1 (18)
R19  (DEC, 1) repeat around (12)
R20  (DEC, 1) repeat around. Fasten off. Weave loose end through each stitch in the opening. Fill completely with stuffing.  Pull tightly to close.  Sew in your end.

Muzzle (same brown as head):
R1  Magic Circle with 6 sts in the loop.
R2  (2, 3 sc in next sc) twice around (10).
R3  (2, 3INC) twice around (16).
R4  sc around (16).
3, 4INC, 4, 4INC, sc in last st (24).
R6  3, DEC, 4, DEC, 4, DEC, 4, DEC, sc (20). Bind off leaving tail to sew on.
I have used a 16mm eye for a nose.  You can also use a Safety Nose.  Insert your nose (or embroider it on with black yarn using a satin stitch which is just rows of parallel stitches tight together).  Pin the muzzle onto the head.  Sew the muzzle on almost completely, stuffing thru the last part and finish sewing.

Ears (make 2 using dark brown yarn):
R1  Magic Circle with 6 sts into the loop.
R2  (2, INC) twice around (8).
R3  (1, INC) 4 times around (12).
R4  (2, INC) 4 times around (16).
R5-7  sc around (16).
R8  (6, DEC) twice around (14).
R9  (5, DEC) twice around (12).

R10-13  sc around.  Finish off and leave tail for attaching.  Make a second one.  In the example, the dog’s ears are attached between Rounds 10-14.

Are you all still crocheting?  I'd love to see your creations!  Post them on Instagram with hashtag #turtlekeeperdesigns or drop by my Facebook page and post your pics!  As always, if you have any questions, you can email, IG me, FB me etc. and I will always answer you!

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