Monday, January 12, 2015

The RAT : Chinese Zodiac Animals Patterns #1

For our first pattern, we have our little Rat!  Those born as Rats are thought to be quite charming, perfectionistic, intelligent and energetic.  They are good problem solvers and quite observant.  My younger daughter is a rat and she certainly seems to be all of these!

This little guy is made with a pointy head and three colours of yarn.  Please visit the main pattern page first for more tips and important information.

You will need:

grey yarn, pink yarn and white yarn in worsted weight
stuffing (polyfill or wool)
safety eyes
crochet hook (size A recommended but any hook up to size G will work)
tapestry needle


Ch = chain
INC = 2 sc into one stitch
#INC = do # increases in a row
DEC = invisible decrease turns the next 2 sts into one st
# or sc# = separate sc stitches (no increasing or decreasing)

Begin here:

Pointy Head (using grey):

R1  Magic circle with 6 sts in the loop (6)

R2  (sc, INC) 3 times (9)

R3  (2, INC) 3 times (12)

R4  (2, INC) 4 times (16)

R5  (3, INC ) 4 times (20)

R6  (4, INC) 4 times (24)

R7  sc around

R8  (5, INC) 4 times (28)

R9  (6, INC) 4 times (32)

R10  (7, INC) 4 times (36)

R11  (8, INC) 4 times (40)

R12  sc around

R13  sc around (Insert eyes after this round.  For the example, I have placed the eyes between rounds 9 and 10, nine stitches apart.  Put them in and then have a good look before you commit to those backings!!)   

R14  38, DEC (39)

R15  25, DEC, 12 (38)

R16  8, DEC, 11, DEC, 10, DEC, 3 (35)

R17  6, DEC, 9, DEC, 9, DEC, 5 (32)

R18  3, DEC, 6, DEC, 6, DEC, 6, DEC, 3 (28) (YOU MAY pause here and do the ears first and/or nose and mouth or finish off the head completely.  The instructions are at the end of this pattern.  The choice is yours.  In my pictures, I have elected to do the ears before finishing the head.  Fill with stuffing leaving some room at the top.)

R19  4, DEC, 3, DEC, 4, DEC, 3, DEC, 4, DEC (23)

R20  2, DEC, 3, DEC, 2, DEC, 3, DEC, 2, DEC, 1 (18)

R21  (DEC, 1) repeat around (12)

R22  (DEC, 1) repeat around. Fasten off. Weave loose end through each stitch in the opening. Fill completely with stuffing.  Pull tightly to close.  Sew in your ends.

Ears (grey): make 2

R1  Magic circle with 6 sts in the loop (6)
R2  INC around (12)
R3  (1, INC) 6 times (18)
R4  (2, INC) 6 times (24)
R5  (3, INC) 6 times (30)

Fold up the bottom row: 

and then fold in half and secure the bottom 3 stitches or so leaving a tail for attaching.  
Attach to the head in line with the eyes.  Do the same with the other ear.  Go back and finish the head if you jumped ahead to do the ears.

Nose and mouth:

This may be done before the head is finished or afterwards.  Using pink yarn, sew vertical lines close together at the tip of the pointy head.  Then sew one strand going left and one going right.  Go back into the head and tie off your yarn or stitch back and forth in the stuffing to secure yarn end.


Using 4 strands of white yarn and a “latch hook” technique, attach the whiskers two to a side as in the photo.
Yay!  You have finished your Rat!  Stay tuned for the next animal....the OX!

PS.  As always, please let me know if there are any issues with the pattern and I will fix it up!

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