Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Northern Collective - February

It is time once again for me to participate in the Northern Collective upload.  Did I explain what this is?  If I did, here it is again :)

The Northern Collective started in November of 2013 as a small group of Canadian artists who met on Facebook thru the waldorf doll world.  We have many talents among our group including jewelry makers, painters, felting artists, knitters, and of course, dollmakers.  Every first Tuesday of the month, we bring together all our crafts and offer them to you on Hyenacart at 9pm EST.  Some items are super popular and sought after and sell out in seconds!  Here is the link:

If you head over in the next day or two, you will see items popping up as we make them available to preview.

For more detailed information and to keep up with all the events for The Northern Collective, come visit our Facebook page:

Hope you can stop by for a visit on Tuesday!  Stay tuned for more to come!

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